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Blink is for those that need to keep in touch with other professionals on the go.

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Blink Chat for LinkedIn™



We’re excited to launch new release of Blink Chat for LinkedIn !

Our new release of Blink Chat contains some exciting updates and features that we’ve been working hard on over the past 3 months.

Features and Functionality

Privacy matters. Security matters. And sometimes, you just don’t need a permanent record of every text message you send. There’s no better means of security & privacy than automatically deleting messages after they’ve been read.

So with Blink Chat, users can send texts, photos, videos, voice messages, share user location and add your CV. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good — One to one chat, Group chat, Video call, Voice call, Voice notes between LinkedIn connections.

You can check message delivery status, message typing status and you can clear your chat conversation, invite LinkedIn friends, send them meeting invite between LinkedIn by Blink Chat App.

You can chat 1:1 or in groups and your messages stay very secure.



Everything is encrypted

Every message you send on Blink Chat is encrypted. Every single one. We’ve made a lot of improvements to message encryption on Blink Chat, and security remains one of our top priorities. No matter what you send, your messages are encrypted the instant they’re sent until the instant they’re opened.

Blink Chat is the best way to keep your online conversations between just you and your LinkedIn friends.

Best of all, it’s nearly instantaneous.

We are committing 100% Secure and best service

We think to provide the best services to our users. From its bold new design to a number of useful features that run under the hood, by phasing out support for iOS 8 today, we can offer new and exciting functionality along with an incredible user experience.

We hope you’ll like the new Blink Chat, design and look & feel.


We want to keep hearing from you, so please contact us any time:


We hope you enjoy Blink Chat for LinkedIn

– The Blink Chat team

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